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sadist_otp's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to sadist_otp, a community dedicated to the pairing, Russia/Belarus from the ever popular Axis Powers: Hetalia!

- Don't be a moron. Ship bashing, character bashing, and such will not be tolerated.
- Post warnings for all NC-17 content. Don't forget to lock 'em! Don't want Big Sister Ukraine walking in, do you?
- All doujinshis must be locked.
- Use LJ-cuts when posting art, doujinshi, and fanfiction. Don't know how? Click here! (This also applies to tags as well; USE THEM.)
- If you have any questions, feel free to contact a mod! Make sure they're on topic!
- Have fun. ♥
- This isn't a rule, but affiliation post is right here, in case you wanted to affiliate with us!

Ship Affiliates
usxuk: America/England
usxliet: America/Lithuania
manly_glasses: Austria/Hungary
special_sight: Canada/Ukraine
maplesandroses: France/Canada
veilleamour: Germany/France
giripan: Greece/Japan
fingerbending: Lithuania/Belarus
prussia_belgium: Prussia/Belgium
drunkendisorder: Prussia/England
meinbruder: Prussia/Germany
prussiaxhungary: Prussia/Hungary
russiamerica: Russia/America
rochu_squad: Russia/China
shakinglove: Russia/Latvia
toy_armada: Sealand/Latvia
sunshineyskies: Spain/America
snowysiestas: Spain/Canada
mustlikedogs: Sweden/Finland
swissliech: Switzerland/Liechtenstein
thewarmestplace: Ukraine/Russia

Threesome Affiliates
inthreesome: Spain/France/Prussia

General Affiliates
hamburger_st: America
baltic_nations: Baltic Nations
binary_genius: Estonia
hetacontest: Hetalia Icontest
hetalia_pairs: Hetalia Pairings

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